My artistic drive is not solely centered on acting and performing.  I'm also a passionate teacher and acting coach.  I've led workshops and lectured on a variety of theatrical topics.  At The University of Texas at Austin I served as Assistant Instructor of Acting where I taught Training the Speaking Voice and the Fundamentals of Acting.

John was an amazing and inspiring instructor. He was always willing and able to push his students forward and challenged us to make the harder, yet more rewarding choices.
— Alexa, Student, Fundamentals of Acting
Learning from John Smiley was a delight because he creates an environment that is fun, professional and practical. As a super shy person I took his class wanting to gain confidence in public speaking in preparation for my career. My nervousness quickly washed the end of the course I found myself more confident in public speaking with a better understanding of the nuances of the human voice.
— Rachel, Student, Training the Speaking Voice